Chapels in Lubbock, TX: A Guide to Hours of Operation

Are you looking for a chapel in Lubbock, TX to host your special event? Look no further than St. Paul's on the Plains Chapel and the McDonald Moody Auditorium. Both offer chapel services for weddings, meetings, receptions, and more. St.

Paul's on the Plains Chapel is the perfect place for your special occasion. To book the chapel, contact the Arts and Garden Center at 806-767-3724. The McDonald Moody Auditorium offers chapel services on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. During these hours, campus family and friends can come together to celebrate relationships and deepen their connection with God. Some chapel experiences will focus mainly on our relationship with God, while others will focus mainly on mutual community.

Many chapel experiences will combine elements of both. Whether you're looking for a place to host a wedding or a meeting, Lubbock has plenty of options for chapels. Paul's on the Plains Chapel and the McDonald Moody Auditorium are two of the best places to start your search. With their convenient hours of operation and beautiful settings, these chapels are sure to make your special event a memorable one.

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